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Ashlee Nicole Simpson (born October 3 1984) is an American singer/songwriter and actress, best known for her multiplatinum hit Pieces of Me and her triple platinum debut album Autobiography released in 2004. Ashlee later followed with I Am Me & Bittersweet World. Ashlee was the younger person admitted to the most prestigous American Ballet School. She is the younger sister of Jessica Simpson and has starred in various fils & Tv shows including The Hot Chick, Undiscovered and Melrose Place.


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  Welcome to Ashlee Simpson Fan, your ultimate fansource for all things Ashlee Simpson.  Here you will find the latest news, images, videos, and much more on Ashlee. We are home to the most exclusive Ashlee Simpson gallery with over 20, 000 pictures including photoshoots, performances an different types of appearances. Make sure you follow us on Twitter @AshSimpsonorg for quicker access to all the news. We hope you enjoy the site and come back soon for everything Ashlee Simpson.  

Hi guys! I’ve added more high quality photos from the past few days into our gallery, enjoy!

April 23 – Leaving the gym in Los Angeles

April 21 – Universal Studios Theme Park in California

April 11 – Leaving the gym in Studio City

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After enjoying a fun day out at Universal Studios on Tuesday, it was back to the daily grind for Ashlee Simpson and fiancé Evan Ross come Wednesday.
With a wedding to prepare for, the 29-year-old hit the gym in Los Angeles with a vengeance as she ensures she’s in tip-top shape for her big day.
Despite being dressed in her gym clothes, the mom-of-one still managed to being her own uniquely cool sense of style to the ensemble with her accessories.

Ashlee Simpson managed to bring her unique sense of style to her otherwise boring black gym attire as she left a workout in Los Angeles on Wednesday
She shrugged on a black quilted leather jacket over her black tank top and matching three-quarter leggings, which she wore with Nike sneakers, while she carried her favourite Hermès handbag and donned a cap emblazoned with the word ‘Hustle’ in huge white lettering.
Her long blonde tresses were worn in a messy side bun under her headwear, while she appeared
to be make-up-free, with her eyes were shielded behind large dark sunglasses.
She also had a black sweater tied around her waist – not that she needed so many layers on the warm and sunny day.
The singer appeared to have worked up quite the sweat, noticeably huffing and puffing as she made her way out of the building to her ride.

Candids > Candids from 2014 > April 23 – Leaving the gym in Los Angeles


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Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross have “entered couples therapy to deal with issues that have surfaced since their January engagement,” reports Star magazine.

The tabloid cites “pals” who say Simpson fears that Ross “has become too controlling and is starting to feel stifled by his sudden change in personality.”

“When they first got together, Evan loved to go out and paint the town red,” explains a Star source. “Now he prefers to stay at home and expects Ashlee to do the same. He went from one extreme to another.”

That’s why Simpson supposedly decided the couple should see a therapist, claims the magazine.

“She doesn’t understand why things changed. But she won’t tolerate a controlling boyfriend — and definitely not a controlling husband!” says the tab’s source.

This would be a little more believable if Star hadn’t previously fabricated a story about Simpson supposedly getting breast implants to please Ross.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop it’s simply “not true” that the couple is having problems and in therapy.

As for the claim that Ross wants to keep Simpson at home all the time — the couple just went to Universal Studios with her son Bronx earlier this week.


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Today marks the 6th year since Bittersweet World was released, time has gone by so fast! although not very commercially successful it marked a growth on Ashlee as an artist showcasing her artistic side on the video for Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya) and her growth as a song writer. Bittersweet World contained some of Ashlee’s best songs including, Little Miss Obsessive, Can’t Have it All & the pop/rock driven song reminiscing of her Autobiography & I Am Me days Rulebreaker. Hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer for the next album to see how much more she has grown musically. Happy 6th birthday Bittersweet World!

Fun Facts:
Bittersweet World was originally gonna be called Color Outside The Lines.
Little Miss Obsessive wasn’t going to be the second single, Boys was.
Not Times for Tears was gonna be a bonus track & Can’t Have it All was gonna take it’s place.

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01.jpg03.jpg 12.jpg09.jpg

Ashlee Simpson, alongside Evan & Bronx was seen having some fun at Universal studios park in California  today (April 21 ) she’s looking great!

Candids > Candids from 2014 > April 21 – Universal Studios theme park in California

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Ashlee Fan | is not officially open and is not %100 complete but i want this site to become your biggest Ashlee Simpson fan site i want it to be interactive with the fans, Ashlee is not very busy and i don’t want the fans to forget about her. I am looking for the fan of the month you will be featured on the sidebar along with a picture of yourself (if you wish) and a little paragraph of why your a fan of Ashlee. If you would like to be considered please fill out this form and email it here.

Why and since when are you an Ashlee Simpson fan?

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CLick on the image to see full size!

It’s Easter time, so miracles are bound to happen, right? After all, Jesus did rise from the dead this coming weekend!

SPEAKING OF, for the past four years, Ashlee Simpson has been rumored to be working on new music for a new album, her fourth full-length LP. Of course, being the tight-lipped queen she is, Ashlee has spoken very little, if at all, about her musical endeavours. She released ‘Bat For A Heart’ in November 2012 and then….well, that was it. Towards the end of 2013, her official website went down. At this point, it seemed like any music was put on pause, indefinitely. Rumors of a tour were flying around the Internet, but were ultimately debunked by Ashlee’s camp.

Yeah, well, GUESS THE FUCK WHAT GUYS!!! Ashlee Simpson is STILL working on NEW music for her new album:

CLick on the image to see full size!

And there you have it! The Easter miracle of 2014! As one of Ashlee’s most devoted and biggest fans, I truly did not know if she was ever going to release music again (which is okay!). I’ve kind of just taken a seat in the back and let whatever happens happen. This re-affirms my faith in her drive for a perfect fourth album (I mean, damn girl these last few years are a while – jk xoxo) and that she is working at a pace that is perfect for her and where she’s at in her life right now. I know nothing short of excellence will come from Ashlee’s fourth LP (and maybe some exclusives for RAW **hint, hint Ashlee if you happen to see this**). Here’s to more news in the future! Now, please respect my privacy at this time as I blare Ashlee’s flawfree discography to celebrate!

Source: Richard from

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Ashlee was seen out in Studio City leaving a gym after a workout, she’s looking great!

01.jpg03.jpg 12.jpg09.jpg
Candids>Candids from 2014>April 11 – Leaving the gym in Studio City

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Just to clear up some rumors.

“Signs point to newly engaged Ashlee Simpson already expecting with her fiancé, Evan Ross,” reports Life & Style.

An “eyewitness” tells the tabloid that Simpson “conspicuously abstained from imbibing” alcohol at the couple’s March 26 engagement party.

“Ashlee was glowing,” says a source for Life & Style. “She wasn’t drinking at all.”

The “witness” tells the tabloid, “Everybody was going up to her and rubbing her stomach!”

That’s weird… because she’s not pregnant.

A source close to Simpson tells Gossip Cop the claim that she and Ross are expecting a baby is “not true.”


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